County Administrators Office County Managers office of Helen Hunt Meyers. 619-531-5880 Under the Board of directors she hides behind next person below!

Quinones, Diane Agent for county manager.

County roads emergency # 858-565-5263

County Deputy Fire Marshall James Pine 858-495-5434

County hazmat duty person 858-505-6880

County DPLU 858-565-5920 Land Use

County DPLU Director: Mark 858-694-2962

County Planning & Development 858-565-5262

County code compliance 858-694-2705

County codes enforcement east county 858-694-2705

County Zoning 858-565-5981

County mine inspector Jim Bennett 858-694-3820

County Noise department 858-694-3741

Jeannette Temple county Private development inspections 858-514-4673

Planning Development Service Deputy chief Clay Wesley 858-495-5082 Head over everyone at codes department.

Sarah Aghassi  BOSS over some inspectors 619531 6256 Vince is under her but he don't follow up!

Diane Jacobs office 619531-5522

Bob Spenbower Diane Jacobs policy advisor senior staff 619531-5522 

Steve Murray 858-694-3059 The ASS!


Rats, mice, flies – Environmental Health, Vector Control 858-694-2888 or

Green pools – Environmental Health, Vector Control 858-694-2888 or

Public swimming pools – Environmental Health 858-505-6903

Apartment complex complaints – Environmental Health 858-505-6903

Dog waste-Animal control Services 619-767-2675

Too many roosters-Animal Control services 619-767-2675

Grading or structures in a watercourse - Public Works Watercourse Protection 858-694-3165

Environmental Health East County 858-565-5173

CHP Commercial Enforcement 858-650-3600

CHP Albert Ravelo Commercial Officer 619-401-2000

MSHAW: 909-890-1987 Federal mine regulator

SDSO Dispatch none emergency 858-565-5200

SDSO admin office 858-974-2184

SDSO internal affairs 858-974-2065

SDSO Rancho san diego office 619-660-7090

County claims office:  619-531-4996

County BOMB ARSON: Commander Greg Hampton

OSHA Mining 909-383-6782

State stream bed complaints: 858-636-3160

EPA 415-974-8000

Air Pollution:

Air pollution 858-586-2650

Director: Bob Bard

Assistant Dir: Jon Adams

Compliance Chief: Mahiany Luther

Supervisor: Matt Allison


County Water shed:

Boss: Michael Watt 858-495-5311 cell 858-602-8382

Engineer Richard Diaz

Supervisor: Marsha Cook 858-694-2794 cell 858-527-9394

Specialist: Marilu yamanaka cell 619-858-2874

State of California Water Boards:

Boss: David Baker 

James Smith Assistant Executive Officer 619.521.3006

Jeremy Haas at 619.521.3009

Engineer: Laurie Walsh  (619) 521-3373

Inspector: Whitney Ghoram


Robertson’s Quarry 619-593-1856  800-870-1220

Properties: Christine Goeyvaerts Work 1(800) 834-7557 Cell 951-760-4241

Operations: Mike Toohey office 800-870-1220 cell 951-760-4254

Area manager Jack Meyers 951-760-4250

Their insurance bag of wind:

Susan Luchay Investigator cell 714-493-8611

Revised: 12-26-2016